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Get ready to embark on a journey of exploration and adventure with us. Here, we don’t just offer safaris; we offer personalized and unforgettable moments that you can cherish forever.

Picture yourself amidst the breathtaking landscapes and majestic wildlife, all handpicked to match your preferences. But that’s not all! We believe in co-creating experiences, and your ideas are essential to us. Together, we’ll dive deep into the vast realm of possibilities, weaving your unique visions into the fabric of your safari. Our dedicated team of safari specialists will work tirelessly to ensure every detail surpasses your expectations.

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Design Your Journey

7-30 days
January - December
Rwanda, Uganda
Together we will look at your wishes to create your dream journey to Uganda.
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Discover East Uganda

14 days
April - November
This safari will show you the east side of Uganda. With highlights as Sipi Falls, Kidepo National Park and the source of the Nile.
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100% Uganda

21 days
April - November
Discover all the national parks in Uganda.
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