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100% Uganda

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You travel all the national parks of Uganda and see animals in their natural habitat. Every park has a variety of animals. You find impalas, the shy eland, and hippos at Mburo National Park. You have a good chance to see lions and elephants at Queen Elisabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, and Kidepo National Park. The world’s famous gorillas you find in Bwindi National Park. If you tell us your wishes we will do our best to make them come true.

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    Mburo National Park

    A game drive with a ranger and see giraffes and a hidden hippo pool close by. Have lunch with a view of the lake and hear the hippos making their sounds while lying in the water. But watch your food the monkeys may steal it!

    Lake Bunyonyi

    Having a boat tour at the lake you can see many bird species. Visit the local market or the blacksmith.

    Bwindi National Park

    Go and visit the gorillas at Bwindi National Park. Staying at our private lodge you stay close to the park. In less than 10 min minutes you drive to the entrance of Bwindi Park. The ranger will take you to one of the gorilla families. Have a great hike and your camera ready.

    Queen Elisabeth National Park

    The extensive Queen Elisabeth Park is home to many animals. Have a picnic at the lakeside or a boat tour, and see the elephants enjoying the water. The lions might enjoy the sun in the middle of the road. Or you find them up in a tree beside the road.

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    Design Your Journey

    7-30 days
    January - December
    Rwanda, Uganda
    Together we will look at your wishes to create your dream journey to Uganda.
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    Discover East Uganda

    14 days
    April - November
    This safari will show you the east side of Uganda. With highlights as Sipi Falls, Kidepo National Park and the source of the Nile.
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